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the art of cory jaeger-kenat

The Secret Life of a Mailbox

Junk Mail Assemblages by Cory Jaeger-Kenat

"I don't know what came over me. Maybe it was boredom or maybe mischief. Maybe it was a wave of environmental guilt over the waste of paper or maybe it was the simple fact that my shredder conked out. Anyway, something came over me, and for good or ill, these artworks made of junkmail came to be.

Credit card applications bombard my mailbox--probably yours, too. The epitome of the crass and commercial, they scream at us to spend, spend, spend on that slick road to the "good life". We're so surrounded by sales pitches that I wonder if archeologists studying us in the distant future will think our brand names some form of fable and our billboards emblems of worship. What fun, what liberation to tear up this loudness and embed it into fresh contexts of color and form. All of the huckstering, the announcements of percentages and balance transfers, at last reduced to simple, soothing textures and patterns. The pieces emerged quickly, in a rough and fast manner that may have been playful, but absorbed every bit of my concentration. There was no formula, no plan, only the blind following of the paintbrush, the daubing of colors that had to be random and yet had to make sense."

All of these works are hand-painted with acrylic paint on canvas board. They are originals, and personally signed on the back. Their dimensions are all 5"x7", and they are sold unframed. Works are shipped within a week of your order.

If you wish to purchase, simply put down a price you are willing to pay into the box below, and click the 'buy now' button.Clicking on the 'buy now' button will lead you directly into Paypal. Or for more info click on this purchase link.

Average suggested price is $25. Just give my treasured art a happy home, and I am happy, too. Proceeds from the sale of these works go to the St. Johns Anglican Mission Fund, where my husband assists struggling people he encounters in police chaplaincy, as well as people we both encounter in our day to day lives.

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