Loud Colors

the art of cory jaeger-kenat

Breaking Between Commercials, 2007

America in Midlife Crisis

about the art:

America. . .
She's the old lady at the party
That everyone respects
But no one listens to.

She's wearing sensible shoes
And her purse is second-hand
Because, after all,
Money doesn't grow on trees.

But somehow, a couple centuries--give or take
Have stuffed her bag
With cellphones and dvds and american idol
and granite countertops and jacuzzi tubs
and designer dog collars and sex in the city
and playdates and porn and extreme sports and powersuits
and follow my program and you, too, can make six figures--
On billboards you'd swear reached almost
To Heaven.

The kids keep telling her they know best
But she knows
That they're really ready
To ship her
to the Home.

Cory Jaeger-Kenat

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